Content Designer at Onyx Path Publishing

April 2017 to present (Remote)

Designing combat mechanics and lore for Exalted (3rd edition) supplements.

Creative Text Writer at Wizards of the Coast

Sept 2013 to present (Remote)

Writing card names and flavor text for Magic: the Gathering. Printed work appears in the sets Khans of Tarkir, Magic Origins, Commander 2015, Conspiracy: Take the Crown, Eternal Masters, Kaladesh, and Aether Revolt.

Dialogue Writer at Undead Labs

July 2015 to April 2017 (Remote)

Wrote over 2,000 lines of NPC voice-over for State of Decay 2.

Narrative Designer at Firefly Games

Feb 2016 to Aug 2016 (Santa Monica, CA)

Led narrative on an unannounced Hollywood tie-in for mobile platforms. Responsibilities included story composition, content design, combat design, and voice direction, all in negotiation with Hollywood licensors and our co-developers in Beijing.

Localized narrative content of Chinese mobile titles for publishing in western markets.

Commercial Storyteller at Predícate Group

May 2014 to May 2015 (Pasadena, CA)

Directed the narrative component of branding and product design through market research, creative concepting, copywriting, and press coordination, serving clients in tech, finance, food, and fashion.

Led the design, development, crowdfunding, and distribution of Roots: A Game of Inventing Words (rootswordgame.com)

Technical Writer at Sodexho

Oct 2011 to Aug 2012 (Remote)

Wrote, edited, and formatted internal documentation for executive-level management.

Staff Writer at LNP Media Group

Aug 2011 to May 2012 (Lancaster, PA)

Reported over 100 stories on local news and entertainment.


  • Content, combat, and systems design
  • Worldbuilding, lore, and character treatment
  • Dialogue writing and voice direction
  • Cinematic screenwriting
  • Editing and project management
  • Art and audio direction
  • Copywriting and brand strategy
  • Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite



  • Two-time speaker on narrative design at PAX (“Emergent Narrative via Horizontal Content,” PAX South 2015; and the “Adventures in Game Writing” panel, PAX East 2016
  • Official Tabletop Selection for Roots: A Game of Inventing Words at IndieCade 2015
  • Mabel Daniels Prize in Music & Literature from Tufts University (2010)



California Institute of the Arts

MFA in Creative Writing (Integrated Media)

May 2014

Tufts University

BA in Cognitive & Brain Science and Philosophy

May 2010

School of International Training

Tibetan & Himalayan Studies program throughout northern India and Nepal

Spring 2009